If taking the usual statistics, this category can be represented as follows: 35% – women seeking sex for money or sponsors (which is not the same), 60% – just want to get acquainted and 5% – those who want to find a husband.

Sex for money – everything is clear here. Typically, when filling up the form it is very simple without the interviews, women usually write the price, terms of meetings and phone number. Details are specified only by the phone. All these women are mostly immigrants from distant corners of the country, students from Ukraine, Russia or with poor material condition. Beautiful and cute – maybe little, but the requirements and fees are big as with professional hookers.

Cheap websites that offer online dating provide men with unreal pictures and profiles. Of course there are thousands cute pictures but normally for scam websites it’s just a way to make money. So it is not a secret that many dating websites are using this kind of deception on the photos in the first place, and often by age.

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Cougar dating websites are divided by different factors. The word “Cougar” is given not only to the women in their 30’s or 40’s. This word is a title that is given to women that know what they want from the relations. Sometimes these women are very soft and sensual and do not seek wealthy young men. Of course there are different types of women “hunters” and “prey”. And calling them sluts will be just inappropriate and rude. Almost 90% of men of all ages are looking for online dating just for sex. Cougar dating is individual process for each woman. If one wants sex the other one wants serious relationships.