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Filipino men have laid back personality. They are shy but they are also very gentle when it comes to treating the ladies. That is why many women no matter what the race can never forget their Filipino boyfriends. They have traits that other men do not have and that is what makes them special. In this article, Filipino men can benefit from some of the dating tips that I will be giving them since I have been with a lot of them. If they follow these simple guidelines then there is no way that they cannot making dating successful.

First of all, Filipino men have to develop more confidence on themselves. Their reserved personality is really innate in them. They have to overcome their shyness if they do not want to get left behind by the other guys. Being passive is not good all the time. A lot of modern women these days find men who are aggressive more appealing.  I am not talking about having too much confidence about themselves. It is already a different story. They can be confident and aggressive without being rude or sounding ridiculous to women.

It is also important that Filipino men are well groomed everytime they go out on date with women. ,any women are very particular with men’s physical appearance and hygiene so they should really make an effort to look neat and attractive and at the same time smell good. In that way women will find them irresistible and would look forward to the next date. Nothing is more inspiring than having a date that could catch other people’s attention. For them it is like your one hot man that they want other girls to be jealous of. For the girls, it is uplifting to their self esteem.


Filipino me can leave a good impression on the women that they date if they can be true to themselves and if they treat the women nicely. They can also make the date more memorable and women happy with the kind of treatment that they give the ladies. These are only some of the dating tips that I would recommend to every Filipino guy out there so that they will be one of the most sought after dating partner by a lot of women both Filipino and international. This can be applied wherever that they go and whoever they meet. All women want the same thing.

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