First there were dating chats in fashion, then dating sites, ICQ, and now people are eager to learn about mobile dating.
Now young people are embracing this new, boundless territory for Cupid dating. Nowadays, mobile dating services via mobile phones grow very fast.

There are, for example, mobile chat rooms, where you can communicate with the WAP-browser on the phone with a multitude of services. In principle, such chats are not too different from the internet chat rooms. There you can also communicate in different rooms with preferred interests, create your own private chat that is accessible to all users of the room, exchanging personal messages outside the rooms. Enter your personal data, and view profiles of other users and download photos taken on your phone. Use advanced search for personal data, share files, photos, music and melodies, take pictures and photos on the phone that is made with pre-processing on the server and lets you choose the right size and image format specifically for your phone model, use the contact list (address book) to use animated emoticons and avatars, choose a color for chat messages and chat backgrounds, to enter the chat from different mobile phones under your login by entering your password, send messages to the administrator of violations and abuse; view the history of personal messages.

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That is almost the same as in the ordinary Internet. Only you can tie to meet new people and not be chained to your computer.
Mobile dating is: friendships, long-term relationship and sexual relations.

This will allow you and your partner during the meeting – if you do decide to transfer your “virtual relationships” in the real world, relax and have fun. Do not study each other all day. Do not get too serious about such friendships. Even the word “mobile” in the context of the “mobile dating” means fast.