ADVICE FOR MEN OVER 40Many men easily find the common language with any woman, not only thanks to their attractive appearance, but also the correct and gallant manner of communication. But many men just can not do this and they don’t know how  to win the heart of the woman.


  • For one reason or another, not all men can appeal the women. There are some easy ways to win women, attract them. If you set out to win a woman, you should be in a good mood. You can successfully joke, because many women especially appreciate the humor in a man. Learn how to laugh and take all things with joy, and then you will immediately become more attractive and interesting for any lady.
  • Smart men are more attractive for woman. It is the intellect and the mind that put many women in the first place in communicating with a man. Weak sex does not like to talk about empty things without any foundation, women like smart specifics.
  • Learn to have a flexible character. Women like to be listened to. Show your generosity towards the woman, be generous and disinterested, and it will be half easier to win a woman you want.
  • Women love men who love and respect themselves. Forget about your complexes and disadvantages, try not to show them. Confidence is what you need when communicating with a woman.
  • Show your initiative, suggest something to do, go somewhere, if you decide to win a woman. Be sincere and do not lie. If a woman notices in your relationship finesse and falsehood, you can immediately forget about her.
  • A woman will never communicate with a deceiver and an insincere person. Play your role, know how to express yourself sincerely, honestly and truly.
  • Women love spontaneity and surprise. They are delayed by everyday routine, so do not forget to make pleasant surprises. For example, give her flowers or send a nice SMS.
  • Never ignore a woman. In various ways, show her that you are interested in her. This is the only way to win a woman and her trust.
  • Be cultured and educated in a woman’s environment. Do not forget that you do not need to use uncultured vocabulary. Show signs of attention: give a hand when leaving the car, ask about what she wants and how to help her.

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Very often men ask themselves how to understand women, because each lady has her own unique upbringing and her own character. That which enthralls one girl, may not like the other. Each girl is unique. But, nevertheless, in communicating with the opposite sex, you can also observe some rules that can be applied to conquer any woman.

“Women are taken with impudence” – this phrase is very useful when describing what a man should use if he wants to achieve a woman. Although, it does not work in all cases. Often, a woman responds coolly to outspoken impudence, and does not react to demonstrative male self-confidence. Robustness and shyness also do not complain much about women. Therefore, if you like the girl, you must find a middle ground – you can achieve reciprocity if you make an impression on her.

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You can stand out against the general background of men, if you perform some heroic or simply brave act in front of her eyes. The reality of the occasion is not necessary. Show the fantasy in this matter so that the woman’s heart beats excitedly. This is one of the most effective ways to win a woman.

Remember, women attach great importance to cleanliness and hygiene. Therefore, even if you are dressed modestly, but in clean shoes – it will make more impression than if you have a road not ironed suit.