People were cautious when first dating websites appeared. Online dating was something new and strange. The idea of dating and relationship was simple and old, so it was very hard to adapt to new way of communication and dating. Now there are millions of young and adult persons who are registered at one or many dating sites. Some people think that online dating perverted the real idea of dating and sexual relationship.

For the past 10 years there are thousands of dating agencies and millions accounts that are searching for a great match. In the end we have two types of people. One part is those that are looking for a life partner. Second part of the online dating community is those for whom the important thing in online relationships is how many messages, invitations they receive.

People became masters in writing. Writing about how good they are, how much money they have what they want to get from their partner and how he or she should be. This is all done in order to be the first in an imaginary game – a game in which your only goal is to get or attract as much people as possible. Talking with 10 people at the same time is not a problem anymore. It is only a game for dominance and perfection.

Finding Time to Date as a Professional Single

Some people on the opposite are afraid and remain hidden behind their imaginary names. This allows them to be anyone and talk about everything they want and think. Internet is the perfect place for weak people that are afraid to make the first step. Internet hides all the weaknesses and doubts.
The statistics show that big percentage of people that register are not single. There are married couples, milfs that are not looking for a partner. They just love the idea of the websites and love to receive as many letters and contact details as possible. That’s why living in a virtual world with virtual relationships is not that bad as it used to be.