meet Russian womanWriting about your personal experience is always difficult because you have to shortly describe all the important moments in order to help people who haven’t got a chance to meet their match yet. But I will try. This all started when I dated a local girl. I had the opportunity to see what it is like to have a partner in your life. But I wasn’t happy about the fact this lady had some qualities I didn’t really like so we broke up. Having another relationship made me think that the problem may be in me – I wasn’t satisfied with the relationships I had that were actually based on the traditions of my country. That wasn’t the thing that I needed.

That is why I started looking for a foreign lady living in my country but didn’t have the chance to meet such. So, went online and discovered that European culture was pretty much different to mine, especially in such countries as Belarus, Ukraine, and even Russia. So I thought I would start looking for a Russian wife. But the question was how to meet Russian woman? The answer appeared very quickly – a few years ago there were established a few popular and successful online dating services and the number of them had increased since then. I made a decision to become a member of the similar system even if I wasn’t sure enough how it could potentially work.

After a few days of properly detailed researches I managed to find – this service, in my opinion, was quite a good connection between a single man from my country and Russian lady who wanted to make a family. Fortunately, they offered me lots of features in order to destroy the problems that could appear whilst dating. Such problems can be caused by the difference between language, culture and similar things that actually build our mentality. So what are the features that help me to forget that there is a big distance between me and my future girl?

  • Translation services. Having personal translator during the dating was one of the best things I have ever experienced. It helped me and my lady a lot to forget about being the people with different native languages. Every time I wanted to send a letter to my lady it was manually translated into her language by a professional He also provided his personal assistance when I grabbed the chance and visited my girl arriving in Russia.
  • At the very beginning of my story, I used casual chat to be able to talk to girls online instead of writing long e-mails and waiting for the reply. When I first met my future wife on I found out that there was video chat that worked similar to video calls used on Skype or Messenger if you are the member of Facebook. All I needed to be able to use that feature was having good Internet connection as well as good computer equipment such as Web camera, microphone and a pair of headphones.
  • Search engines. If you have particular tastes when it comes to the appearance of your future match you can use search engines to choose them. offers its members to go for the height, weight, body type and similar physical parameters if you want to. Personally, I didn’t pay attention to these, my desire was to choose the personal qualities of my future wife that are also available on search engines.
  • Service support. It is nice to know that there are always people that can help you whatever you are having troubles and problems with. The team of this service is ready to provide registered members its professional help that will definitely be useful.

looking for a Russian wife

Having all these additional services literally on my hands I managed to find my wife and became a happy husband. As you can see, the word “distance” is just an excuse to not be happy.