Finding a lover at the bar is such a classical thing. Yet, some hookup tips are needed to succeed better. It also depends on a girl category and her expectations that match yours.

Ask about her reasons

Why is this girl in a bar so late? Your task is to make sure she isn’t an escort or a scammer. If she’s a tired MILF who seeks some try hookup,relax in a bed, or a naive student, then it’s the best for you.

See how much she drinks

Sober hookups are more qualitative than drunk hookups. But some beer or vodka help to relief the stress and trust a new person more. Get involved only with moderately drinking chicks.

Scan her social status

Is it better to get laid with a rich cougar who’ll get you the best drinks and fully satisfy you? Or with a young female from the province who believes everything? It’s up to you, choose wisely.

Where to take her?

There are bars dark and cosy enough to have sex there. Some pubs and restaurants offer the private rooms. The same-street motels can be a good idea too, suggest this when she is ready.