Quality choice: What’s the best dating app for Americans?

If for some reason you find yourself somew here in the United States of America feeling bored, it wouldn’t be the worst choice of leisure for you to go on a few dates. It’s especially reasonable if you yourself came to this country on a trip to see what America has to show you. You can’t really say you saw the country if you didn’t spend a few nights with the local people.

In order to make it as effortless as possible, you’ll, of course, want to download a dating app just for the occasion. However, how to know what’s the best dating app to hookup Americans? Fortunately (or unfortunately) for you, you’ve got a few choices to pick from.

Online dating in America

Online dating is, in fact, is a very large market in America. Americans date via the Internet almost as much as every other nation in the world combined. Of course, it bears a few very sizeable advantages for you, if you decide to date someone from America in the end:

  1. The number of dates a day in the USA implies that all the somewhat popular worldwide dating apps are represented in America. The only exception is the local apps that specialize on certain countries and regions. And even in their case, some ethnic communities in the US may continue using them;
  2. You can hookup someone virtually without effort if you like. Set the distance to the minimum (1 to 5 km) and enjoy the date close to home. The sheer amount of users around you will ensure that there will be at least a couple dozen people;
  3. Due to the number of people who date online in America, you’ll be able to get yourself another chance at dating someone if the first attempt went ill

Every single one of these advantages works if you’re put in the current environment (meaning at least some semblance of a town), the ideal environment, therefore, is a big city. However, even in scarcer populated locations, there is a very fat chance that you’ll hookup someone. What you need is a proper app.

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What’s the proper app for America?

America is quite diverse in many aspects, including the preferences for dating apps. Fortunately for you, there are two apps that dominate the American market, meaning you’ll be able to find them in a lot of phones if you know where to look.


Tinder is the second most downloaded app as it is. In America, it dominates half the states, including the East, South, and the North-West. California, Texas, Montana, New York, North and South Carolina are just a handful of states where Tinder is respected above all. 

However, even in the regions where others are considered the best dating app and given more attention, Tinder still enjoys significant popularity. After all, the States is the biggest revenue source for Tinder Inc. Despite this, you obviously may found yourself more effective with other apps in certain states, or even cities.


If you’ve never ever heard about this one before — don’t worry, it’s pretty bad. And there’s no reason for you to use it outside of America because it’s only ever used by Americans.

The app was made in this country and for the dwellers of this country. At least that’s what you’ll think, as it’s unavailable in a lot of European and Asian countries, only somewhat popular in its homeland and isn’t really used by anyone else. The Google Play page of this app is pretty pathetic, full of negative reviews, and poor statistics.

It seems that mobile most users download it on iOs since it’s the mobile software used by most Americans. But it’s also fairly popular on PC, where the majority of the app’s community uses it.

In all honesty, the app is severely outdated and only works for Americans, and even not all of them. It’s mainly used in Nevada, Washington, Mississipi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Wisconsin, North Dacota, and a few other states. 

If you feel like visiting any of them in the near future, you may be fine with Tinder or literally any other popular app. But if you want even better results, you’re welcome to try Match.com.

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Another almost exclusively American app is Bumble. This time, it’s used even outside of this fascinating country. Most users, however, are Americans. And, for some reason, there are two states the denizens of which prefer Bumble over Tinder or any other dating app. They are Oregon and Missouri. 

Exactly why this is the case in the unknown, but if you, for some reason, have Bumble on your phone, you’ll be in the right place in either of these two American states. Of course, you can always use it in other states, the big cities will do fine.

Plenty of Fish (POF)

There is even less chance of getting someone on a date with POF, due to its limitedness in where and how you’re able to download it. First of all, it’s an iOs exclusive, when it comes to mobile dating. Of course, you can always do it on their website, that’s what most people do anyway.

On another hand, POF is officially only served in 8 countries of the world: the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and Spain. Because of this, you’re unlikely to have it before coming to America on a trip. And once you’re here, there’s virtually no reason to download it (not when you can have Tinder) save for two occasions.

These two occasions are called Maine and New Hampshire. They are hardly the best tourist destinations for America, so it’s safe to say that POF is pretty much a local app. 

However, if you do come to either of these two states, you may consider checking it out — the app, surprisingly enough, doesn’t charge you to message other people, unlike other apps. You might say it’s the best dating app for these two small occasions.

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What’s the most comfortable one?

Alright, it’s now settled what’s the most used app in different parts of the United States. But it’s hardly the main question. The main question of this article was ‘ what’s the best dating app’, and it doesn’t only involve the probability of success you’ll have with some of these apps.

It also involves the comfort of searching and using it overall. In either of these, Tinder is most likely the winner. There are more comfortable apps to use, just not in America. In America, Tinder is the best among the not-so-great. The main issue Tinder has is the lack of any search parameters other than age, distance, and gender. 

It means that you’ll be less successful in building an actual relationship with it than in finding a hookup. If it’s fine by you, then there is no issue. However, the fact that you hardly can do anything but finding hookups is a bit disturbing. Especially since Tinder’s counterparts aren’t much better.


As implied several times before, you are not forced to use these four apps if you don’t like them. You can use those you actually like, albeit you’ll have to make sure they are used here. Hence, they’ll have to be at least somewhat popular. Badoo is an ideal candidate for this, but you’ll need to use it somewhere with lots of people around.

Big cities, like New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and others will bring you some results. If you think the path of your trip will cross either of these (or other) cities, you’ll be able to whip your own app out and use it without having to buy another one just for the sake of the Americans.

The good thing about Badoo particularly is its omnipresence. It’s the first most-downloaded app in the world. It means that even in the places where not many people have heard about it (like the USA, where the marker is unconditionally dominated by Tinder and its offsprings), you’ll find a few who have it.

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Dating offline

The market of dating in the States is overinflated, obviously. With this state of things, the competition on Tinder and the other three apps is very severe. Badoo and other less known apps in America help negate this factor, as they are used by fewer people.

Still, if you see that the competition is just too hard, you can always count on dating someone offline. It’s likely to be less riddled with competition, but it also deprives you of all the advantages the dating apps have to offer you. All in all, it’s up to you to decide how you want it to be.

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In conclusion

There are quite a few options in case you want to successfully date someone online in America. They all have their flaws, so the question is rather ‘what’s the most comfortable way to date for you specifically’ than ‘what’s the best dating app’. Now, at least, you have the information to start looking.

And if you want to know more about the advantages of dating online over offline, come and see this video below, it may even prove useful, who knows: