older-women-seeking-younger-menRecently, Plenty of Fish, a popular hookup website surveyed 500 women using their service, to determine the Top 10 Cougar Towns in the United States. According to this survey, San Antonio ranks as the first and Houston as the second city with older women seeking younger men. This study reveals that approximately 65% of the surveyed ladies, between ages of 40 and 60 want younger men. These women state that they have dated men that are no less than7years younger than them. In order to determine the ranking, women messaging considerably younger men were analysed by this website. Dallas, El Paso and Fort Worth are three other cities in Texas, which account for most part of the list.

30% of the local cougars chose the reason for dating younger man as only for physical pleasure. Some of the other reasons stated by these ladies were that younger men are more energetic, and also because they have better health as well as appearance. In some cases age was considered just a number as the couple connected and developed a strong bond.

Some other studies conducted on similar grounds rank San Antonio as, one of the most sexually active cities, one of the best cities for single men, and a popular choice to get second dates.


There are tons of great places in both Houston and San Antonio, including lounges, clubs, and bars where older ladies are found in plenty. However, younger guys need not specifically visit these places as there are numerous other ways to meet older women.local-cougars

Coffee houses

One of the most popular spots to find Houston cougars are coffee houses. Not only are there a great number of coffee houses, but as everyone likes coffee be it iced or hot, it is a great place to meet new people. Also, striking up a conversation is quite easy even if the guy is shy and any cougar will appreciate the offer of a cup of coffee.

Comedy clubs

All types of individuals visit comedy clubs to have a good time, and older ladies looking to laugh their night away can definitely be found here in groups. As the atmosphere is laid back one need not be shy or nervous about approaching older women. Since, both are there to have a good laugh a guy can find the right woman. Some of the other popular spots for cougar dating in Houston are cooking classes, malls and other exciting outdoor activities.

Special spots in San Antonio

San Antonio on the other hand has some special bars and lounges dedicated to cougars, making it very convenient for younger guys to find their women. The Flying Saucer is one of the popular places, where hardworking ladies love to unwind after a stressful day. There are several scrumptious delicacies and drinks present on the menu, and one must definitely arrive early to try a few. Another popular spot is the Concrete Jungle, which has several eclectic drinks on the menu. With its tropical vibe it is a great place for relaxing and cougar dating in San Antonio.

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